Project Gallery Three
The gallery pages show photographs from some of our projects. Please note that some of the images are approximately 200K.

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Tradechem's offices are situated in a Victorian era house at Ashfield. The house has been maintained in the era. As such the client required the installation to have minimal impact on the aesthetics (not many Victorian houses had computer networks). Our task was to install a small network system hidden from view as much as possible whilst the office was still fully functioning. We chose to install the cabinet in a newly refurbished basement. A new cupboard was the perfect place to "hide" the cabinet.

Image 1
The 12RU cabinet installed within the new cupboard. Since the cupboard door was to be kept closed it was essential that supplementary air flow was provided. This was achieved by directing the air into the basement area behind the cupboard.

Image 2
Although this project did not have a large number of outlets, quality and attention to detail was required to maintain the Victorian era feel.